Product details

Automatic honey paste sauce packaging machine

Product details

                               Automatic Liquid Filling and Sealing Machine

It can automatically fill liquid and adherent, and can automatically complete bag making, metering, filling, sealing, cutting, printing batch number and other functions.

This Small syringe pump measuring and packaging machine Scope of application: Suitable for packaging shampoo, shower gel, essential oil, lubricating oil, soy sauce , hot pot oil dish, crushed ice, Chinese medicine water and other low-dose good fluidity liquid products.

1. Highsensitivity touch screen, various parameters, quick setting of functions, zero obstacles for human-computer interaction;
2. Highsensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, film printing screen positioning cut, packaging pattern integrity is not biased
3. Can use different materials of packaging film to meet the packaging requirements of different customers;
4. The double temperature control table independently controls the temperature, the horizontal seal and the vertical seal temperature can be accurately adjusted according to the difference of the envelope and the speed to achieve a good sealing effect;
5. Adopt advanced PLC control system to replace various relays to complete various running instructions, and can write different programs according to customer requirements to complete different packaging effects, higher speed and more stable.


NameSmall syringe pump liquid packaging machineFilm thickness4-10
ModelHD-100YSFilm diameter30-240mm
Bag shapeBack sealing/three-sides/four-sidesFilm widthMax 300mm
Sealing linesStraight lines/netted linesBag width30-150mm
Notch formTooth /Fine toothBag lenght30-150mm
Packing speed21-60 bags/minVoltage220V/50HZ/1.4KVA
Pulling film typeStepping motorMetering wayCylinder stroke
Weight220kgFilling scope1-60ml
Assorted deviceSyringe pumpMachine size750*600*1600mm